In a Sea of Grey

27 Mar

I’m starting this blog with a little bit of sad news, my time as Belmont Forum’s Fashion Blogger has come to a close. Even though I will be moving onto another very exciting venture I will certainly miss putting together my weekly looks and posts for you all.

However I am not leaving without one last outfit inspiration and I am very excited to bring you this final one. I can think of no better way to end my collaboration with Belmont than with this look. The mixture between a summery bright and the new on trend wintery styles is what I love the most about this outfit.

Sometimes in winter I often feel like I’m in a sea of black, dark blue and grey. Whilst I love these colours sometimes I find myself longing for a punch of summery turquoise or coral. That’s why I love these shoes from Spend Less at Belmont Forum so much! The amazing pinky coral hue works perfectly with almost any other colour and helps to lift an overall dark look. The wedge heel makes it pretty much the perfect shoe, allowing you to wear it almost anywhere and even all day long. This style is especially great for those of you who want to wear heels but can’t stand the idea of aching feet as the high platform makes the actual slant of your foot lower than a lot of other heels.


Considering the cold weather is finally arriving (in small portions) I decided to pair these babies with a more wintery outfit. This not only brightens up my look but also shows that even typical summer shoes can be worn all year long.

My black denim straight legged jeans are a great cut for this style of shoe and they are a little more dressy then your standard indigo or dark blue jeans. If your even unsure as to what cut of jeans to wear then head into Jeans West at Belmont Forum, the friendly staff there can help you with fit and style and with such a fantastic range you shouldn’t have any problems finding a pair that you love.


Blue is also a very popular hue this season and so is the peplum so it was only natural that I opted for this marble patterned top. The peplum style is not only on trend but also quite flattering for both curvy and straight figures. Just make sure if you are a curvier shape to have the end of the top hit above your hips not on them otherwise it will make them appear bigger.


I chose silver accessories as the cooler tone compliments the blue in the top and doesn’t steal any focus from the shoes. Necklaces that are shorter can often cause your neck and chest to appear bigger than they are, however ones that have an elongating effect such as this can help to not only dress up your look but also minimise the bust area.




To get your much needed summer fix in the long winter months head to Belmont Forum and check out Spend Less Shoes, with their amazing range of bright and bold shoes you can’t go wrong.

Happy Shopping







Bold and Prints Come Together

21 Mar

When wearing patterns or colours many people feel that you cannot mix and match them easily and therefore they may opt for simple designs and colours instead. This then often leads to simple, plain or boring outfits with little or no wow factor. Therefore this week I decided to pair both a patterned and a coloured piece together to hopefully encourage anyone out there who may be contemplating exploring these combinations to do it.

The piece I decided to base my outfit around was this amazing blue and silver necklace from Collette at Belmont Forum Shopping centre. The silver detailing gives it a dressier feel and the blue hue makes it fun and playful. This great combination of classy meets youthful makes it the perfect key piece in your wardrobe, suitable for almost any occasion. Blue is also a great hue for those new to the colour game as it’s not as out there or over powering as some shades.


With a necklace like this you could almost match any pattern with it, be it floral, geometric, polka dots or any other print that tickles your fancy. For this week’s outfit I decided to go for my leopard print chiffon blouse. The animal print is very on trend at the moment and the chiffon fabric gives my look a soft, chic feel. When it comes to these sorts of prints often people can feel like they look tacky or cougarish, however if you style them right they can look very classy. When wearing animal prints especially leopard avoid things such as shiny red accessories, anything too tight or fitted or sky high stilettoes.


Luckily for us the low heel has made a stylish comeback and they are a force to be reckoned with. Not only are they comfortable, practical, better for your health and easier to walk in, they suit practically almost any outfit and any occasion. This is one of those outfits; with such an out there print and bold accessory it’s important to keep your look sophisticated and a low pointed pump does just that; the added bit of bling is just a stylish bonus.


This A-line knee length skirt also helped to keep the look sophisticated and out of tacky town. The lace overlay gives it a nice feminine touch and works well with the chiffon top. Opting for a knee length style is also very flattering as the best length to wear skirts and dresses is just above or on your knee. This is because it’s the smallest part of your legs and creates a slimmer leg line.


Lastly, I kept the rest of my accessories simple as I wanted the bold colour of the necklace to really be the statement and standout piece. This simple yet elegant silver ring perfectly complements the necklace without overshadowing it.


So next time you walk past that accessory stand lit up with bold coloured rings, necklaces, earrings and all things sparkly remember that even though they may be the star of the show, they can also be easily worked into almost any outfit, plain or patterned, to create a fun, stylish and fabulous look. If your accessory collection is looking a bit dull or is even non-existent then head over to Belmont Forum they have a range of accessory stores chockers with everything you could ever need. And even if you have an overflowing collection of necklaces, rings and more you should still make a trip to Belmont and check out all their specialty stores; because let’s face it a girl can never have too many accessories.

Happy Shopping



Not That Scary

14 Mar

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about a fantastic winner who won a prize including, makeup, hair styling, personal shopping and a photography session all at Belmont Forum. This week I am lucky enough to have the privilege to share another lucky winner with you all. Meet Judy, my fantastic Belmont Forum winner who was such a ball to work with.

After having her hair and makeup done at Price Attack by Natalie and Priceline by Judy, both at Belmont Forum we had a quick discussion about what look she wanted to go for. We both decided on a smart casual outfit that would work for a dinner with friends, casual party or get together.



Having this look in mind our first stop was Katies for some amazing dark denim jeans. I have blogged about their zipless, straight legged wonder jeans before but feel as they are so fantastic they need a second mention. With the absence of both a zipper and button they slip on easily and create a flat and streamlined look without any bunching or bulging. The darker hue is perfect for a dressier look and compared to lighter denim it is much more flattering around the hip area.


Whilst in Katies we spotted our next two items for this look, an amazing beaded, flowing blouse and a smart yet casual deep green jacket. The cut of the top balances out the slimmer style jeans and the colours work wonderfully for Judy’s complexion. Keeping with the smart casual look I chose to add this green jacket as it’s the perfect mix between dressy and casual and enhances and compliments the cool hues in the blouse. Wearing an open jacket like this also helps to slim and lengthen your torso much like a long line necklace or scarf would.


With the foundation of our look complete we were off to find the finishing touches. Our first stop was Betts to look for an amazing pair of shoes. Judy wanted a style that was sleek and modern with a low heel and fairly comfortable. These fantastic ankle boots in black sued were the perfect match. The rounded toe style and block heel made them chunky enough to suit this look and the soft sued leather gave them a sleek, luxe feel making them work for a dressier occasion.


With the perfect shoes found we then began our hunt for some amazing accessories. Our first stop was Strandbags as I wanted to find the perfect clutch. With so much colour going on up the top of her outfit I decided that all Judy needed was a simple, elegant, black envelope style. This amazing crocodile skin inspired one was perfect for our look and suited Judy’s taste down to a T. The slightly larger size means there is room for all the essentials whilst still being sleek and stylish.


Lastly we headed off to Equip for some fantastic jewellery. As Judy’s blouse already had some fantastic beaded detailing on it we decided to keep everything else simple and opted for just one piece. This fantastic statement gold cuff suits Judy’s smart casual look and gives it an understated and elegant charm.


With all our piece found we made our way to the photography room where the amazingly talented Shirin Carter began Judy’s photo shoot. Being someone who normally avoids cameras at family functions, Judy began to see that having your photo taken isn’t all that scary.

For everything Judy is wearing plus hair and makeup services head to Belmont Forum and check out their variety of fashion and beauty stores.

Happy Shopping






Winter Warmer

6 Mar

The last days of Summer have passed and there is certainly a new chill in the air. I am often finding myself at a loss as to what to wear; will it be cold, muggy, raining, warm? This uncertain weather can be very hard to predict and it makes getting ready that much harder. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you have something in your wardrobe that can work for pretty much any temperature.


This nautical inspired knit from Jeans West at Belmont Forum is the perfect example of a piece like this. It’s warm and cosy making it perfect for the upcoming winter months but is still light enough to wear on a sunny autumn day too. The striped detail lends itself to a nautical or Parisian look making it very on trend, super stylish and chic.


The knitted style means that it is super snuggly and very comfortable and the slightly looser fit gives it a slouchy casual vibe which is exactly how knits should look.

You could easily pair it with a flippy skirt, some strappy wedges and gold accessories for a perfect daytime look. This is a great versatile combination as you can even add tights if it’s a bit cold and later on if it gets too warm strip off your stockings and the look can keep on working.

As it was quite a chilly day when I put this look together I decided to pair the knit with black straight legged jeans, some wintery boots, an oversized scarf and for that added Parisian chic style, a knitted beanie or beret.  The overall look is what I like to call casual sophistication and is perfect for dinner with friends or a wintery day in the city. You could even swap out the wedge boots for some comfy flats and add a satchel bag making it the perfect wintery Uni outfit.


The reason I opted for a dressier style is because I wanted an outfit that not only kept me warm but was also stylish enough for going out for drinks or dinner with friends. Whilst it isn’t necessarily bar appropriate it is defiantly suitable for a casual pub, café or restaurant. I chose to keep my accessories simple as there was already a lot going on with the scarf and hat and I didn’t want to over work the look. However to add a bit of edge to the outfit I opted for my gold studded bag as the detailing dresses up the overall outfit and gives it a funky twist.





Just remember that when looking for knits this winter season always opt for looser styles and make sure they are as versatile as this piece. The whole point of a knitted cardi, jumper or cape is that it can be worn all throughout the cooler season, even on those slightly warmer days when a coat would be way too much.

For a piece like this head to Belmont Forum and check out their wonderful stores brimming with amazing winter warmers that will get you through the entire cold season.



Take a Chance…..

28 Feb

When it comes to colours I love wearing bold bright and beautiful shades however one of my most favourite hues is purple. Known as a calming and creative colour I always feel classy and feminine when I’m wearing it. That’s why when I saw this purple coloured top from Millers at Belmont Forum I was super excited. Now often when people think of Millers they think of older styles of clothing and yes its true however they also stock a lot of items that are very versatile and appropriate for almost any age. That’s why I love this top so much it is age appropriate for anyone and is extremely versatile it just depends on what you wear it with.


For me, I decided to pair it with this flippy black skirt, chunky black ankle boots and bold jewellery. You could also style it with straight legged black or dark denim jeans and simple accessories, cropped grey trousers and pretty flat sandals or with a knee length pencil skirt and nude heels for a sophisticated office look.


I chose this black skirt as the shorter style gives the top a funky, fresh look. The looser fit makes the look a little more casual and suits my curvier figure as opposed to a tighter tube style. You could also go for an A-line or soft pleated types.


I then added my big bold gold necklace as it dresses up the look and gives it a funky vibe. The bigger details and gold hue pops against the bold purple colour and the longer style helps to elongate my torso.


As my necklace is so bold I decided to keep the rest of my accessories to a minimum opting for only this gold owl cuff. The owl detailing keeps the look modern and is different and a little quirky.


Lastly I opted for my chunky lace up ankle boots as the bold colour balances out the boldness of the top and the necklace. Normally I don’t recommend wearing black shoes with bare legs as often it can shorten you however this is one exception as anything too light such as nude would get lost in the rest of the outfit. When wearing darker coloured shoes on nude legs always make sure that they cut you off at the smaller part of your ankle and opt for heels as the height will help to elongate your legs and figure.


So next time you write off a store as too old for you remember not to judge a book by its cover and take a chance on something new. You never know what little treasure you will find. Head to Belmont Forum today and check out everything they have to offer.


Happy Shopping





The Last of Summer

20 Feb

Summers coming to a close and I often find myself looking forward to warm coats, fluffy scarfs and snuggling up under a blanket on a cold night. However, when I’m pulling out a summery top or a pretty floral frock I sometimes start to dread the oncoming cold months. I begin to remember that it will be a while before we see any more warm sunny days, clear sky’s or be spending the day at the beach. The thought of packing up all my bright, colourful summery clothes is horrible.


These amazing pair of shorts for Rockmans at Belmont Forum are just one of the items I own that makes me wish for an all year summer. The amazing coral colour is the perfect hue for the warmer months and suits pretty much any skin tone. The longer cut leg keeps them stylish and the higher waistline is very slimming. The best part about these babies is that they come with this amazing brown belt which not only helps to emphasises the waist but you also get two items for the price of one. Score!




I paired the shorts with my lace crochet top as the cream hue works well with both coral and the brown belt. The lace crochet style of top dresses up the casualness of the shorts and creates a stylish and pretty summer outfit. For a more laid back casual look you could change out the top for a simple white or cream T or singlet.



For accessories I added this funky long line necklace as the rope detailing and weathered metal gives the outfit a laid back vibe and works well with the summery combination. When wearing a top or dress with such a high neckline it is always a good idea to wear longer style necklaces as they help to minimize the bust line and elongate your figure.



I also opted for this antique chunky gold ring as the yellow stone works well with the rest of the tones in the outfit and the antique style gives the look a rustic and funky edge.


When choosing shoes I decided to go for my simple nude flats as I didn’t want them to steal focus from the rest of my outfit. Another colour that would work is tan or a light brown. Just make sure, that when wearing such bright and summery colours like these coral shorts to avoid black or darker coloured shoes. They will not only draw the eye to your feet but also the darker colour will clash against the lighter combination of the rest of your outfit.


Lastly I chose these floral patterned glasses as the feminine print suits the rest of the look and the Ray-Ban style injects a laid back casualness to the outfit.


So even though the cold is on its way, we still have a few more weeks of sunny days. Embrace the sunshine and warm weather with bright colours and summery styles. Head to Belmont Forum and pick up a pair of these amazing shorts from Rockmans today.


Happy Shopping




Summer or Winter?… Both!!

15 Feb

I cannot believe that it’s already February!! I was writing an appointment in my diary the other day and when I looked at the date I almost fell off my chair. This year has started at a whirlwind pace with no notion of slowing down. Before you know it the days will get shorter and we will be pulling out all our trusty winter warmers.

With summer on its way out and the cooler months creeping up it can often be confusing what to buy when clothes shopping. Should you start purchasing warmer items ready for chilly, sunless days or should you take advantage of all those end of season sales and snatch up some amazing summery pieces at a fraction of the cost?

While it’s important to make sure you’re ready with the winter essentials like boots, well fitted jeans and cardies, it’s also always a good idea to pick up some last minute summer sale items. The reason for this is not only are you going to get more bang for your buck but you will also have a piece that you can wear right now. I mean let’s face it even though February is technically the last month of summer we still have a couple of months of sun coming our way.

However, there are a few simple guidelines you should follow when shopping at the end of the season. For example, make sure what you’re buying isn’t a TRENDY piece otherwise you may find by the time summer comes around again you won’t want to wear it. You should also try to stick to pieces that are trans-seasonal and can be worn all year round. This will ensure you get wear out of it even if it eventually goes out of fashion.


Take this fantastic loose style singlet from Surf Gear at Belmont Forum. It has such a cool, funky summery vibe to it and is perfect paired with some denim cut offs and leather sandals. Pop on a fedora hat, an across body bag and you have the perfect casual, summer look. However what if you buy this top towards the end of Summer, will you still get wear out of it through Autumn and Winter?

You certainly can!

This singlet is a great example of a piece that can be worn all year round. This week I decided to show how the top could be styled into an outfit perfect for the cooler months.



I chose to pair the singlet with these maroon skinny cropped jeans as the colour not only works well with the pattern but it is also a great wintery hue. Some other great colours that would work are emerald green, burnt orange, brown, eggplant purple and taupe. Just remember that if you are concerned about your hips or legs always go for darker colours over bright, light hues as they will be much more slimming.


Next I added a simple rope and skull pendant long, line necklace as the casual style works well with the top and the neon yellow feather injects some interest and creativity into the look. It’s always nice to add a subtle pop of colour to winter outfits to keep them fresh and lively.


To keep the look anchored and give it a bit of edge I decided to go for my plain black suede wedges. The chunkier style and darker colour of the shoes gives the look a solid feel and keeps it from looking un-polished or un-finished. They also bring out the darker hues in the pattern on the top which ties together the outfit.


If you have read any of my other posts you would know that I don’t believe in matching your bag and shoes together, that’s why I chose this wicked multi coloured snake skin style clutch. The earthy tones work well with the other colours in my look without looking too matchy or boring. The difference in both texture and colour adds some depth to the outfit and creates an effortlessly stylish, creative look.


Lastly, I decided to keep my hair wavy for this post because I felt that the outfit called for a fun, laid back style. However, to keep it smart, I opted for a coloured lip and simple eyeliner making the outfit work for both night and day.


So before you rush off and spend all your hard earned cash on wintery pieces, remember that with a few simple styling tricks something as summery as a loose, floaty singlet can be worn during the cooler months too. Take advantage of the end of season sales and head to Belmont Forum for your retail therapy fix.

Happy Shopping








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